White Abs Automatic Soap Dispenser Soap Dispenser Induction Soap Dispenser

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Automatic liquid discharge for convenient use
Waterproof design for safe use and easy clean
Strong anti-infrared interference
Exquisite and compact design for home decoration
Capacity: 200ml
Product size: 70*94*188mm
Product material: ABS
color: White
Rated voltage: DC/6V (1.5V*4)
The product has the advantages of waterproof and anti-infrared
1: Full waterproof design (battery, circuit board)
2: It has high anti-interference and is free from infrared interference;
basic skills :
1: Sensing distance, to sense the distance from the launch port to the hand is 2-3 inches is the appropriate distance; 2: The factory default amount of the liquid output is: 1ML; after 2 seconds interval, the second liquid will be released (such as the palm stays If the time is more than 2 seconds);
3: Before replacing the new battery, press the power switch of the base, install a new battery, and change the battery cover, and press the key again.

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